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About Us

TaterTot Maine Coons is a small in-home cattery raising Maine Coon kittens for sale. We are located in Braham, MN.

We have been raising bundles of joy since 2021 when we fell in love with this magnificent breed.

You might think that isn’t an exceptionally long time, but as a healthcare provider, the driving force behind Tatertot Main Coons has extensive experience in caring for humans and applies that same devotion and dedication to her feline “patients”.

Growing up on a farm offered plenty of opportunity to rear baby animals of all kinds.

Nothing brings us more joy than our Maine Coons – their purrs are music to our ears!

maine coon kittens for sale

How We Got Started

My husband and I have both always loved animals. My husband is semi-allergic to cats, so we needed to be very mindful of that.

After doing a lot of research on Maine Coons, we found that the Fel d1 gene is less prevalent in Maine Coons which means less allergens are produced from them. Allergens are present in a cat’s dander, saliva, and urine. Maine Coon cats are more suited to allergy sufferers and therefore our home.

Speaking to a few breeders, I found out that Maine Coons have a gentle giant personality.

They don’t mind being held, bath time isn’t bothersome for them either. They are just overall friendly which we both liked.

I had expected their coats to be higher maintenance, but that wasn’t the case.

Maine Coons just had that special appeal to us with the level of affection and size that other breeds did not.

Our Cats

Izmir of TaterTotCoons

Gender: Male
Color: Cream Classic Bi-Color Tabby

Lana Elbus Platinum

Gender: Female
Color: Blue

TaterTotCoons Lilith

Gender: Female
Color: Black Amber Tortie & White

TaterTotCoons Angus

Gender: Female
Color: Blue Silver Classic Torbie

TaterTot Coons Furiosa

Gender: Female
Color: Brown Tabby & White

About Maine Coons & Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Maine Coons are native to America and were established over a century ago as a domestic cat that is as hardy as it is beautiful. Their thick coats left them well-equipped to survive the hostile New England winters.

Breeders have worked tirelessly to preserve the Maine Coon’s “natural,” rugged qualities. Maine Coon owners love the breed’s characteristic clown-like personality, amusing habits and tricks, and willingness to ‘help’ with any activity as well as their highly affectionate nature. They make excellent companions for large, active families that also enjoy having dogs and other animals.

Our Maine Coon kittens for sale are raised in keeping with the traditional look and their amazing personalities.

A Day in the Life of TaterTot Maine Coons

Welcoming our newest addition Lyruta Bennu Focus "Benny" from TopHatCat Maine Coons in the Midwest to our family.
Happy Mother's Day!
Sweet Jack ❤️❤️
Captain Jack ❤️
We would like to introduce Skye Coons Apollo as a new king to our cattery. We are happy has joined us.
What does Angus think about while sitting atop her box castle?
Ivy and her back up dancers #mainecoons #mainecoon #mainecoonsofinstagram #mainecoonkitten #mainecoonusa #mainecoonlovers
Kringle and Claus

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